Holy Smoke alley

summer_GIRL 18'x18' - Georgetown, WA - Dead Baby Downhill street festival

NO DAPL - solidarity for Standing Rock and North Dakota Tribes mural

Holy Smoke rooftop - “Rooftop Dreams”

Troclops-Kitty 20'x20' - House of Matriarch high-perfumery warehouse mural

sagittarius_PONY - mural piece

Mermaid Hair - Georgetown Mural (detail)

Diamond Girl - Strength Devotion mural piece

Google office murals (commission)- Bothell, WA office

12' x 24' acrylic - View process pics at

12' x 30' acrylic - View process pics at:

Child's Bedroom Mural (commission) - gallery link


Graffiti Murals (free-legal walls)

Collaboration w/ @kae_one - greenwood street fair - memorial for "ERASE" -more info @


Event and Theater Art

Komo News parking lot - Seafair Mural

Altruists Play Mural - Center Theater at Seattle Center